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Past Matches
July 12th, 2003    Cadott, WI           The Cadott Sucks Fest
defeated Ace Spade with my new finisher Eyes of Averis.  (A Fireman's carry spun into a seated reverse slam) Hey Sledge, what's the actual name?

July 4th, 2003    WInter, WI           July Jubilee
Defeated Adrian Serrano to retain the World Title in our nastiest match up to date.  I actually hit a superkick in the match.

July 4th, 2003  Tony, WI             Tony Festival
Defeated LaPean the Dream in a no DQ match to retain the title.  I will give him credit, he's a tough little SOB.  He lasted 10 minutes with me in a no DQ to earn a place in the Hardcore Gauntlet.

June 21st, 2003  Cornell, WI    Chaos in Cornell II
Defeated Red Lightning in a psychotic match.  Hard to believe we are still partners after that one.

June 8th, 2003  Sheldon WI   Showdown in Sheldon III
Defeated Steve Stardom with my old reliable Guilotine Pin from my amatuer days.  Also my team won the Survivor Team Match when Red pinned Bill Irwin,  During the match I took out both Cameron Steel and Boogieman before I was eliminated by Trey Steel with a Splash that broke several ribs

June 7th, 2003 Merrill, WI   Smith Center Slamfest
Defeated Adrian Serrano in my first WOrld Title defense.  Avenging some previous losses and his sudden turn against me.

June 1st, 2003,  Ladysmith, WI   Wrestlefest 2003
Defeated Steve Stardom in a brutal Ladder match to win my first ever NFW World Title. Also brought back the balcony dive and my face paint.
May 10th, 2003   Prentice, WI  Prentice Fallout        NFW
Lost the Tag Team Titles (with Red Lightning) to Trey & Cameron Steele after we had them down for good and Pain & Agony Interferred.  Vengeance is coming boys and riding a swift horse.

Last man eliminated from a battle Royal for the World Title after I eliminated 90% of the other particiapnts (That twice that's happened now) Steve Stardom put me out of the Royal after I did all the work.  He's going down and soon.

April 26th, 2003  Phillips, WI  Phillips Rumble          NFW
J-Real & I defeated Boogieman & Steve Stardom when we hit Steve Stardom with the pipebomb.  That move is effective no matter who helps me do it.

Defeated Steve Stardom by DQ when a big oaf named Boogieman interferred.

Took part in a battle Royal and took myself out when I hit Steve Stardom with a Cactus Jack Clothesline, taking him out.

April 19th, 2003  Barron WI  Barron Brawl             NFW
Defeated Mike the Bull Gueke with the Celtic Knot in a match we've waited five years to see booked.  Afterwards I helped him to his feet in a show of respect.

Also took part in a battle royal but eliminated myself to take out Anicrusix

April 5th, 2003    Thorp, WI                                    BPW
Rushed my return to the ring and lost a match to Bad Boy Rob.  He hit me with a chicken wing suplex and reinjured my ribs. He hit a stunner to finish me off.

Took Mike Gueke out of the Battle Royal and we tore into each other.  I hit him with a Van Damninator and busted his face open.  This isn't over.

March 8th 2003   Stratford, WI        Stratford Slamfest NFW
Teamed with Anicrusix to win a tag team match against Ace Spade and Malice.  I tied Ace up in the Celtic knot and Anicrisix gave him a leg drop.

March 1st 2003  Eau Claire, WI                                 WRW
Teamed with Dark Wolf to defeat Mike the Bull Gueke and Mad Wolverine in a very dangerous matchup

February 22nd, 2003 Exeland WI      Exeland Extreme NFW
Red & I defeated Ace Spade & Major Chaos to retain our Tag team titles when we hit Ace with the Sever the Tie

I defeated Havoc with the Witchblade in a brutal NO DQ grudge match than I got a broken nose and Jaw in.

Eliminated myself & Anicrusix from the Royal Rumble after eliminating Jezrial and someone else, I forget who.  Tiny Tubbs won in the end.

February 8th, Cameron, WI                   USCW
Red & I teamed up in a new league to defeat the team of Boogieman and Tiny Tubbs.  Hit our new finisher--Sever the Tie--a Celtic know combined with a tope rope splash to the back.  Boggieman went down for the pin.  Interestingly enough Tiny & I never touched each other in the match.

Febraury 1st, Allentown, WI                   PHPW
Lost in a tag team match in my PHPW debut.  Teamed up with a very moronic partner named Kid Casper to face Dinn T Moore and some really big guy.  Kasper whined the whole match and I got really sick of it..  In the end Kasper got in the way of my Monolith Kick (don't know how that happened) to the chair and was in the way when I swung the chair at his head.(Really it was an accident)

January 18th, 2003, Chippewa Falls, WI  Chiller II
Lost to Steve Stardom in a  brutal no DQ that left both of us battered and broken.  It took outside interferrance and a piledriver on a chair to put me down.

Red & I retained our Tag Team Titles by defeating the Hangtime Players in a relatively short match.  I don't remember much of it due to the head injuries incurred in the singles match and subsequent Battle Royal

December 21st, 2002 Sheldon, WI  Showdown in Sheldon II
Defeated Tejas with a Stoneplex in round one of the US Heavyweight Tournament

Deafeated Mason Quinn with the Witchblade in a very scientific match after Boogieman had interferred, (Mason I do want a rematch

Lost to Boogieman in the Finals when Rayge threw salt in my eyes and DDT'd me after I had Boogieman beat.

Lost a six man tag with Red Lightning & Violet as my partners against Rayge, Boogieman and Autumn Hayze when Mad Wolverine crawled out from undera rock and shoved me off the top rope through a table.  Red and Violet were brawling with Autumn and Rayge and didn't see it till it was too late.  

November 16th, 2002 Chippewa Falls, WI Chippewa Chiller
Defeated Vegas by DQ when he tried to hit me with a chain.  I proved I'm just a little smarter than him and ducked.  I hit the mat and the ref turned seeing him with the chain, So sorry, DQ for you.

Red Lightning & I defeated The Dark Wolf & Havoc to retain the tag team titles when I hit The Dark Wolf with the Witchblade.  Team Respect tried to interfere and got beat down for their efforts.  

October 19th, 2002  Ladysmith WI       Rumble for Relief
Teamed with Red Lightning to win the First tag team straps ever for the original Black Hand.  It was something that should have happened a long time ago.

Also eliminated from a battle Royal

Oct 4th, 2002    Manitowoc, WI    Manitowoc Massacre
Defeated Romeo Valentino by pinfall when AmbeRose got blinded and hit Romeo with a spinebuster.  Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I quickly covered him.

I also counted the pinfall on Peter B in his match with Dinn T Moore.  All the refs had been knocked out so I ran in with a ref shirt. Peter B is still whining about something afterwards.  Claims I hit him before I did the three count.  

Sep 8th, 2002            Gilman, WI    Gilman Harvestfest
Defeated Rob Stardom on my way to the top.  I'm not stopping till I get NFW gold back around my waist.  I also eliminated Steve Stardom and myself from the Battle Royal and got dinged up pretty good in the process.  Cement is hard.

Kenny Omega & I defeated Rob Stardom & Raw Skills using the Pipebomb.  This is the first time someone other than Red helped me on the move.  This Kenny Omega kid has potential.

Sep 2nd, 2002            Bruce, WI    War at the Wheel IV
I Won the Tournament to get a shot at the US Title went through three matches to get there

Defeated Hammer in the First Round with the Witchblade

In Round Two made Steve Anderson Tap out with the Celtic Knot

In the Finals defeated Steve Stardom with the Witchblade

Also was in the final three in the Royal

Sep 1st, 2002   Weyerhauser, WI     Booster Days
Lost a 30 minute Iron Man match to Peter B Beautiful 9 falls to eight.  Got laid open severely.  Lost my US Title. Last one eliminated from the Battle Royal by Brutalizer. Got some revenage when I jumped off the light tower onto Peter & Brutalizer and a few others from about 15 feet up.   

Aug 24th, 2002        Altoona, WI           Armageddon
Defeated Romeo Valentino with the Celtic knot to retain my US Title despite constant outside interferance from AmbeRose.  Also received a stress fracture in my right shin during the match.  Watched the tape and have no idea how or when it happened.

Aug 9th, 2002  Ladysmith, WI Rumble at the Fairgrounds II
Defeated Chaz Kildare an Amerikid in a three way dance for the US Title when I pinned Amerikid and made Chaz Kildare tap out an the same time.

Along with Red Lightning and KC Styles defeated the NEW Society (Peter B Beautiful, Steve Stardom & Chaz Kildare) in a six man tag.  Red hit Steve with the Lightning bolt, KC nailed Pete with the sensational Takeover and I laid out Chaz on the floor with a slam on the floor followed by a flying elbow drop.

In the Battle Royal I eliminated quite a few guys before getting tossed out.  KC Styles won it when the last few guys eliminated themselves.  The NFW then gave KC a proper sendoff for his last night in the NFW.  Good luck wherever you go, KC
Aug 4th, 2002   Ingram, WI  Melee at Ray's II     NFW
Defeated Chaz Kildare in one of the most brutal matches I've ever been in.  It was falls count anywhere.  We fought through the bar and up on the roof.  I threw Chaz off the roof and went after him.  He got thrown into parked car and we fought back to the ring. Chaz kicked out of the witchblade.  I locked him in the Celtic Knot and he reversed it into a Celtic Knot of his own.  But no one defeats the master with his own move and I reversed it again.  He went for the ropes and I pulled him back to the center and he tapped out.

We continued fighting in the royal and Chaz eliminated himself to avoid facing me.  I made it to the last three but when I went for a Celtic Cross on Logan Lasher, he moved and I was eliminated.

July 21st, 2002  Hibbin, MN                                RPW
Defeated rookie sensation Darkwolf in a hard fought, highflying match.  Helped him to his feet afterwards, he tried to hit me when I helped him up so I clotheslined him.  The feud carried on into the Battle Royal

In the Battle Royal, made it to the final three (actually four as someone hid under the ring) Darkwolf and I continued to feud outside the ring.  He clotheslined me from the ring apron, I bodyslammed him on the floor and nailed him with a chair.  I think I won.

July 13th, 2002  Eland, WI  Lord of the Hardcore  NFW
Defeated Horace the Psychopath with the Witchblade in Round One (Weapons Match.) Horace is one tough cookie, he's also one wierd cookie.

Defeated J-Real in Round Two (Barbed wire strap-strap match) Hit him with my top rope walking clothesline using the Barbed wire and he didn't get back up.

Lost to Peter B Beautiful in the Finals in a  Barbed wire match.  I had him locked up in the Celtic Knot but Chaz Kildare hit me from behind with a light tube.  They then Team PIledrove me into the glass and Pete got the win.

July 6th, 2002      Bruce, WI       War at the Wheel II NFW
Amerikid & I defeated Beautiful Bobby Jay and Peter B Beautiful in a tag team match with our new finisher a combination Celtic Knot, Top rope elbow

Won a twelve man battle Royal after eliminating Zack Mercury (aka one big canadian)

June 22nd, 2002  Cornell, WI     Chaos in Cornell     NFW
Defeated Balls Nakanaka with a Celtic Knot.

Also particiapated in a Battle Royal which was won by Amerikid

June 14th, 2002  Kellner, WI      June Stampede        NFW
I beat Amerikid by DQ when Chaz Kildare turned against me and stabbed me in the back. He hit me from behind when I had Amerikid tied up in the Celtic Knot in the Middle of the ring.  Though I won the match, Amerikid kept the title.  A rematch is coming fast. As is revenge.

June 9th, 2002 Sheldon, WI  Showdown in Sheldon   NFW
Won a Battle Royal that had a stipulation attached to it.  The last two men in would face each other later in the night for a chance to have the number one seat in the upcoming Lord of the Hardcore Tournament.  Peter B ran when he saw we were the last two.

Defeated Peter B Beautiful to win the number one slot in the Lord of the Hardcore Tournament.   He tapped out when I caught him in a Celtic Knot.  We had went all out using chairs, a fork, a staplegun and a table (twice, the damn thing didn't break the first time)  Looking forward to seeing him in the finals.

June 1st, 2002  Menomonie, WI Wrestlefest 2002   NFW
I came to the ring when right after Master Quinn gave Don Roux his half of the NFW.  He then announced the identity of the other owner--ME.  Don Roux went spastic and sent Sonny Beach in the ring to face me.  He did a better job this time but I was fired up like never before and tore him apart. Finally securing the win with a Witchblade.  

Later that same night, Roux's Crew interferred in Red's match with Adrian Lynch.  Serrano ran in but was outnumbered.  The Black Hand then came to the rescue and the brawl was on.  My fellow balcony diver (Chaz) and I climbed up on the announcers
booth and both dove out, falling 20 feet before landing on Roux's Crew.  It's become a Wrestlefest Tradition.  Serrano and I will be at ringside to prevent interference in the next Red/Lynch matchup.

May 25th, 2002  Bruce, WI       Scarlet Fever        NFW
In one of my most unwise Career decisions, I got in the ring aginst the rookie Mayhem while still not at 100%.  I was able to squek out a win over him with a running powerslam, which I dedicated to my fellow Englishman Daveyboy Smith (RIP)

Immediately after the match, Sonny Beach came and stuck his nose in my business and challenged me to a match.  I pretty much pounded him but he went for a weapon.  Mayhem say it and rushed the ring to disarm him.  I nailed Sonny with the Witchblade for the win and thanked Mayhem for the help.

I also took part in the Battle Royal but eliminated myself and Dinn T Moore with a Cactus Jack Clothesline over the top rope.

May 4th, 2002    Eau Claire, WI  Invasion               NFW
Amerikid finished off the injury that Sam Hayne started.  During a hangman in the ropes, I fractured my neck and was unable to move.  I was helpless to stop Amerikid as he hit his flying elbow to win the US Title from me after 22 months.

April 27th, 2002  Wisconsin Rapids, WI                  NFW
Where in the hell did they find this guy?  Sam Hayne has got to be the biggest psychopath I've ever faced. He injured my neck early on but I was able to come back.  Just when I had him down, he used that wierd mist on me and got himself DQ'd.  I still got the win and kept my strap but I want a rematch.

April 14th, 2002  Oshkosh, WI                                MXW
Lost a hard fought match against Adrian Serrano.  Most everyone there thought it was the most brutal match of the night.  It was a shootfighting match and we beat the hell out of each other.  Fans don't seems to warm up to me down south.  Dislocated my jaw early on but kept going.

Got in the Battle Royal early on and was cleaning house till Big Daddy Loker came in and threw everyone out.

April 13th, 2002   Eleva, WI   Vengence                   NFW
Took Steve Stardom out of the Battle Royal same way I did last time, but this time I REALLY hurt him. HAHAHA

Defeated Tim Storm in a hard fought battle that lasted about 20 minutes.  I'll give him credit, he's a tough little snot.  

Mar 23rd, 2002   Hibbins, MN                                 RPW
Eliminated myself and Amerikid from the Hardore Battle Royal when I climbed to the top rope and dove out past him on the ring apron.   I grabbed him on the way past and we both went through a table.

In the Six Man tag team match Tiny Tubbs, Dynamite Dan and myself squared off against WWF Star Wild Bill Irwin, Timebomb and Red Lightning.  In the end we overcame and all hit simulatneous pins.  Tiny pinned Red, Dan pinned Timebomb and I pinned Wild Bill Irwin.

I lost to Amerikid in my first ever attempt at a Cruiserweight Belt.  I'll have some more details on this match later as I consider it to be the best match either of of have wrestled to date.

Mar 9th, 2002     Stratford, WI First Strike               NFW
Laid an extreme pounding on Mike the Machine.  He had to be taken to the hospital afterwards with a broken jaw and a serious concussion.  Roux's Crew stuck their noses in and I nailed them with a Whisper in the Wind from the post to the floor.

Took quite a few guys out of the Royal earlier in the night.  Eliminated myself when I took out Steve Stardom with a Monolith Clothesline

Feb. 15th, 2002   Hayward, WI  Revenge                 NFW
Defeated Red Lightning in the most psychotic match we've ever had.  Fought off the Crew in this No DQ match.  Used a Ladder, a Chair, and whatever i could get my hands on to defeat Red Lightning.  I hope this is the end os this feud as it took a lot out of both of us.

Nov. 3rd 2001      Halder, WI  Hell in Halder             NFW
Defeated Tim Storm in the toughest battle of my life.  40 plus minutes of hell. Busted open but didn't tap.  Finally caught Tim in the Witchblade for the win.  Huge brawl began after the match.  I climbed up to the balcomy and walked out on the basketball rim.  I dove out onto Roux's Crew and the rest of the NFW's bad side taking them all down.  Don't know how far I fell but it got the job done.

Last man eliminated in an impromptu Battle Royal.  Started when Timebemb turned down offer to join the Hand and hit me from behind.  We went at each other throughout the Royal but he finally caught me when Genesis hit me with the belt.  Guess he met her price.  $1.25.

Sept 29th, 2001     Ladysmith, WI  Leaf it to Rusk      NFW
Def Peter B Beautiful by DQ when his girlfreinds in High Society interferred

Challenged all three to a six man tag with Tiny Tubbs and El Supremo.  Put all belts on the line.  Supremo got pinned after Tiny and I got cheap shotted.  Since Supremo didn't have a title, High Society got nothing.

Sept 28th, 2001   Ladysmith, WI  Homecoming Havoc NFW
Def Tasty Travis Lee with a rollup in a match I have no recollection of.  Got a concussion early in the match and somehow still squeezed out a win. I've been told it was one of my better matches.

Sept 22nd, 2001     Ingram, WI  Melee at Ray's          NFW
Def Peter B Beautiful by submission when his little whiny butt tapped out to the Celtic Knot.

Made it the Final Five of the Battle Royal

Sept 3rd, 2001         Bruce, WI, War at the Wheel II   NFW
Def Peter B Beautiful by DQ when he hit me with a baseball bat covered in Barbed wire.

Def Amerikid & Red Lightning in a Tag Team Match with Mike the Machine after I hit Amerikid with a Witchblade and Genesis hit J-Real with a Kendo stick.  and he cried and cried like Nancy Kerrigan.

Sept 1st, 2001    Night of the Champions II, Exeland   NFW
Red Lighting and I went to a 20 minute time limit draw.  Probably would have beat him if we didn't take time out to watch the catfight between Genesis & Cherri.  By the way Cherri, how's that head feel.

August 10th, 2001     Ladysmith, WI Fairgrounds       NFW
Don Roux came out and announced that Amerikid was injured in the Tag Team Title Match and would not be able to face Darkchild.  He then brought out the Radikal as a substitute.  US Champion Darkchild stormed the ring with his manager Genesis and the US Title Match was underway. Radikal quickly got a headlock but Darkchild shook him off and nailed a hip toss.  Darkchild tossed Radikal to a corner and hit a running spin kick in the corner.  He went for a second one and got caught.  Radikal slammed him to the mat and began his assault.  Radikal tried to send Darkchild to the corner but Darkchild reversed it into a vicious shortarm clothesline.  He followed that with a Stoneplex, which earned a two count.  Radikal cut him off with a low blow but took too much time with the crowd and found himself in a leg lock.  Radikal rolled to the ropes and to the floor.  He then started chasing Darkchild's manager Genesis around the ring.  Darkchild quickly caught him and slammed his face into the ring apron.  He then gave chase to Don Roux. Roux ran completely around the ring where Radikal was waiting to send Darkchild into the  ring post with a northern lights suplex. He rolled Darkchild back in and wasted some time with crowd.  Darkchild got up and dropped Radical's neck across the ropes.  Radikal came back in and was sent into a corner for Darkchild's Celtic Cross.  He hit number one but missed the second and hit the post.  Radikal hit a couple elbow drops for two counts but D arkchild rallied to hit the ankle lace.  Radikal viciously slammed down Darkchild by his hair and hit a fall away slam.  Don Roux got up on the ring apron and argued with the ref.  When the ref turned, he tossed Radikal a weapon.  Genesis saw it and came in the ring to take it away.  Radikal grabbed her by the hair and gave her a brutal bodyslam.  The crowd expressed their disapproval.  After using the weapon on D arkchild, Radikal went for a leg drop on the ropes.  Darkchild dropped his head and Radikal went sailing past to the floor.  Darkchild flew off the second rope with a spinning elbow drop to the floor.  He rolled Radikal back in but was cut off and hit with a leg drop.  Radikal went for the Radikal Drop but Darkchild kicked his legs and slid out.  Darkchild then hit the Witchblade for the win, retaining his US Title.  Don Roux & Radikal began attacking Darkchild.  Darkchild fought back and went to the post.  He pulled out a kendo stick like he did in his old Black Hand days and laid out both Radikaland Roux.  He then laid down a challenge for his old partner Red Lightning at the next show.  

July 21st, 2001     Big Bend, WI  KP Classics          MAW
This was the first meeting of Darkchild and Adrian Serrano since Darkchild retired from shootfighting last year.  Words can't do this slugfest justice as the two flat out BEAT THE HELL out of each other.  Darkchild took everything Adrian Serranno could dish out and returned with some offense of his own. Finally Darkchild got caught in a rolling arm bar and tapped out for the first time in his career.

July 7th, 2001          Bruce, WI  Wagon Wheel          NFW
 In the first of two Main Events World Champion Tiny Tubbs & US Champion Darkchild faced of against Tag Team Champions Amerikid & Rayzor Blade. The match began with Rayzor Blade & Darkchild squaring off. Darkchild quickly gained the advantage and he and Tiny Tubbs began tossing around Rayzor like a rag doll. Rayzor tagged out. Amerikid ducked a clothesline attempt and sent Darkchild to the floor. Both men attacked Darkchild on the floor but Darkchild rallied and sent Amerikid into the post. He then rolled Amerikid in and hit his Sniper line followed by a Stoneplex. He then put Amerikid in the Celtic Knot but Don Roux pulled Amerikid to the ropes. Amerikid then hit a low blow. He and Rayzor Blade tried to double suplex Darkchild but Darkchild hit them both with a DDT and tagged Tiny in. Tim Storm grabbed his foot and Tiny went down. Blade and Amerikid tried to clothesline Tiny but he ran through them. Darkchild came back in and he and Amerikid went at each other. They hit each other with flying facebusters and both men went down. They both tagged out. Rayzor got Tiny's leg but the big man answered with a pinwheel kick. Amerikid didn't want to come in but finally did when Darkchild's back was turned. He charged into a Darkchild superkick followed by the Witchblade and Darkchild gained a pin.

 Don Roux then got on the mike and said that it was a two out of three fall match and they still had two more falls to go. The match continued. Then Tiny missed a splash and Rayzor went up top. He missed a top rope splash. They then both tagged out. Darkchild was put into a figure 4 by Amerikid but managed to turn it over. When the ref was distracted 4 members of Roux's Crew pummeled Darkchild in the ring. They then turned their attack to Tiny Tubbs and El Supremo on the floor. Darkchild got to his feet and climbed to the top of the post. He then dove off onto the whole group. He rolled Rayzor in and went up top again but got knocked down and fell with one leg on each side of the top rope. Blade and Amerikid then hit the Ameriblade to win the second fall.

The match went straight into fall three when Darkchild walked the ropes to hit a flying armdrag on Amerikid followed by a piledriver. Tiny Tubbs came in and hit a huge splash on Amerikid. Tubbs and Rayzor took the fight to Roux's Crew and appeared to have the match won when Don Roux distracted the ref. Rayzor then tossed Darkchild a trash can lid and fell down. Then ref turned and saw Rayzor down and Darkchild with the trash can and DQ'd Tiny and Darkchild. Darkchild then made it personal and laid out all of Roux's Crew and the ref. Tiny then hit Tim Storm with a Spinebuster and the crowd cheered.

June 30th, 2001     Exeland, WI                    NFW
a US title match between Darkchild and Tim Storm (formerly Trailer Trash Tim.) Storm came to the ring with Don Roux and Stacey and brutally took the fight to Darkchild, concentrating on Darkchild's neck. He sent Darkchild over the turnbuckle and clotheslined him on the ring apron. But when they went to the floor Darkchild reversed and sent him into the post. Darkchild then hit his Sniper line and Stoneplex and Storm rolled back to the floor. When Storm came back in, he cut off Darkchild by dropping his neck across the ropes. He then continued his assault on Darkchild's neck culminating with a DDT from the top rope. Darkchild rallied back and hit Storm with a Celtic Cross Splash in the corner. Stacey got up on the ring apron and got in Darkchild's face. Darkchild grabbed her and Storm charged at him from behind. Darkchild ducked and Storm hit Stacey, Darkchild then hit Storm with the Witchblade for the win. Roux's Crew stormed the ring and attacked but was cut off by El Supremo and Tiny Tubbs who hit Don Roux with a Spinebuster.

also that same night this match directly involved Darkchild
In the Main Event, El Supremo & Shinobi challenged Amerikid & Rayzor Blade for the titles. Amerikid and Shinobi started out. Shinobi got in trouble early when he got his leg tangled in the ropes and was hanging by his ankle. The teams tagged several times as it appeared Shinobi wanted Amerikid but Amerikid wanted El Supremo. Finally Shinobi hit Amerikid with a spin kick and a gut wrench suplex but he then missed a moonsault. Both men tagged out and El Supremo & Rayzor Blade went to the ground, both gaining numerous two counts. Then the champions began brutalizing El Supremo. After a few minutes of this, Shinobi got sick of it and nailed Amerikid with a Kendo stick. He tagged in and gave Rayzor two viscous kicks pulling Amerikid back in. The two went back and forth and hit simultaneous flying face busters. Shinobi was up first and put climbed the ropes holding Amerikid in a wrist lock. He then walked out on the ropes and hit a big flying armdrag. He followed up with a Stoneplex. Both men tagged out and El Supremo showed the crowd that he was in fact adept at dishing out punishment. He was cut off with a rake of the eyes but managed to tag Shinobi. Shinobi sent both men down numerous times with double chops and Snakebite Slams. He locked in his submission move, Shiva's Bow, but Don Roux hit him from outside the ropes. Amerikid & Rayzor went to the top rope in opposite corners and hit the Ameriblade, a combination splash/elbow drop, for the win. They then attacked the defeated challengers but were cut off by Tiny Tubbs and a 2nd Shinobi coming from the back. The first Shinobi hit Don Roux with a chair unmasked, revealing that he was in fact Darkchild. Darkchild then laid down a challenge for Roux's Crew to face him and Tiny Tubbs at the next show for the titles.

May 26th, 2001          Ladysmith, WI               NFW
Darkchild and Amerikid again squared off in this epic battle.  Darkchild ignored doctors orders and entered the ring with his arm still injured. The two fought for nearly a half an hour before Darkchild was able to hit the Witchblade and gain the victory to retain his title. Later in the Battle Royal, Darkchild and Amerikid fought to the ring, in the ring, and back to the locker room.  When the Royal was won by Darkchild's nemesis Red Lightning, Roux's Crew began celebrating in the ring.  Darkchild then Stormed the ring with El Supremo and cleared them out.  He then hit Red Lightning with the Witchblade as the crowd erupted  in its approval.

May, 12th, 2001          Exeland, WI                    NFW
Darkchild squared off against another former partner in his protégé Amerikid.  The match proved exceptionally brutal as Amerikid broke Darkchild's arm with a wicked chair shot.  Darkchild favored the arm though out the rest of the match but went on the a victory using the Witchblade to retain his title.  He then bashed Amerikid's manager Don Roux with a trash can lid and threw Red Lightning in the ring to face Tiny Tubbs.

April 28th, 2001     Ladysmith, WI               NFW
Darkchild again faced his former partner and now longtime nemesis Red Lightning in the first main event.  Darkchild proved victorious with the Witchblade and retained his US title

In a Royal Rumble for the World title Darkchild drew number 1 and spent nearly a half hour in the ring before Red Lightning eliminated him and won the title.  Red Lightning had been the final man into the ring and was only in the ring for about 30 seconds.

January 16th, 2001     Cadott, WI       Rock N Roll Wrestling
Darkchild squared off against Iron Mike in the evening's second match.  He hit his finisher and then tossed Iron Mike to the floor where the two began to brawl. The match ended in a double count out but continued for several minutes on the floor and Darkchild received a large gash on the head before the two fought their way to the back.

Later in the evening Darkchild teamed up with Haystacks Hastins (Amerikid) to go against Buck Zumhofe and The Gentle Giant in a tag team match.  The match went back and forth with both teams having seeming to have the advantage at certain points.  Then Zumhofe rallied and drove Darkchild into the post reopening the cut on his head.  The cut bled profusely and Darkchild eventually was pinned by Zumhofe.

Sept 3rd, 2000  Exeland, WI  Night Of Champions     NFW
The rivalry between Darkchild and Red Lightning came to a head when they squared off in a hardcore match for the U.S. Title. With both men bloodied, Darkchild pulled out a victory by climbed the cage fence and dove off through Red Lightning and a table.

July 29, 2000  Glen Flora, WI   Glen Flora Days        NFW
Faced off against Timebomb in a brutal hardcore match that saw both men severely bloodied.  I put Timebomb through a car windshield and seemed to have the match won when Red Lightning interfered and cost me the match.

In the final match of the evening Darkchild teamed up with Tiny Tubbs and El Supremo to face Timebomb, Red Lightning, and Dan Armstrong.  Due to a prematch stipulation, Red Lightning's US Title was on the line. If his team won, he won retain the title, if he lost, Darkchild would win the title.  The match quickly became a brawl and El Supremo pinned Red Lightning for the win.  Darkchild then became the US Champion.

June 10th, 2000     Bruce, WI  Wrestlefest 2000     NFW
Even though he was severely cut open, Darkchild defeated Big Ass Dan Armstrong using the Witchblade. Red Lightning then charged the ring and attacked Darkchild from behind.  Darkchild recovered and laid Red on top of two tables.  He then climbed the TV crew's scaffolding and dove off, falling some 18 feet before driving Red Lightning through the tables.

Sept 23rd, 1999   Green Bay, WI   Ballroom Brawl     AAW
Darkchild underwent a dramatic change through the course of this battle royal.  Although he went in one of the most hated men in wrestling, by the time he sent the last man over the top rope he had the crowd on their feet behind him.  Few expected this sudden change in character from the man from the darkside.

Aug 4th, 99  Ellsworth, WI Rumble at the Fairgrounds  AAW
Darkchild took out several of the big men in this battle royal but was finally sent over the top rope and into the steps. Sidelining him for six weeks. His return would mark a dramatic change in the man of mystery.

July 17, 1999   Eau Claire, WI     Country Jam          AAW
The Black Hand faced off against The Natural Man and Mason Diggs.  Mason hit Darkchild with a Swan ton Bomb but the third member of Black Hand, Cujo hit Mason with Kendo stick.  The match was thrown out but not before The Natural man became the second victim of the Pipebomb.

Also a battle Royal saw Darkchild & Travis Lee Brawl to the back after they were eliminated

July 9th, 1999          Fall Creek, WI                    AAW
The Black Hand faced off against Travis Lee and Trailer Trash Tim in one of the most exciting matches of the night. Travis wanted to settle the score against both of the Black Hand members but came up short due to assistance from Darkchild's Kendo Stick.

May, 22nd, 1999   Bloomer, WI    Bloomer Brawl     AAW
This night saw the creation of the Black hand as Darkchild squared off against Travis Lee.  After Darkchild hit Travis with a 2nd rope Press Slam he got the victory but then knocked down the ref and began brutalizing Travis.  When he went for his Kendo stick, Red Lightning came to the ring seemingly to save his partner Travis Lee.  However, Darkchild and Red then began beating Travis unmercifully and the Black Hand was born.  They then hit Travis with their new move the Pipebomb--a combination 2nd rope press slam/Juvi Driver.

May 15th, 1999     Wausau, WI     Wausau Rumble     AAW
Darkchild teamed with Cujo to face Hannibal in a handicap match.  It appeared that Darkchild was not going to show but as his music started, he rappelled from the rafters of the Wausau field house and delivered a brutal Nightfall to Hannibal's manager Master Quinn. Darkchild and Cujo appeared to have the upper hand until Hannibal managed to hit Darkchild with a brutal version of Darkchild's own finisher.  Cujo then missed a diving head butt from the top rope and Hannibal got the victory.

Also elimintated from a battle royal

May 14th, 1999  Menominee, WI   Mega Mania       AAW
This night saw the first match between Red Lightning and Darkchild.  This turned out to be a very evenly matched event. Red Lightning managed to pull out a win but then was accidentally struck by his tag team partner with Darkchild's Kendo stick.  

April 24th, 1999  Eau Claire, WI   Regis Rumble III     AAW
In his singles debut Darkchild squared off against Red Hot Billy Wilde in a high paced match that last nearly 20 minutes.  Darkchild finally hit Nightfall and gained a victory over the veteran Wilde.

March 13th, 1999  Eau Claire, WI  Regis Rumble II     AAW
Darkchild made his pro debut in a 13 man street fight.  He made an impressive showing, eliminating Mad Wolverine, Cujo, and the Natural Man before being eliminated by Solazar.