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Words of Darkness

Realm of Light
Neath a Red shattered Sun  
The Lights Have Gone Out  


The sky fills with rain
The sun has gone black
The demons of dark won't show their face
As they move in to attack

The prince of light
Hears the angels cry
As he takes his sword and turns to fight
The darkness blinds his eyes

The prince of light
Can you hear his cry?
Don't you know we all must help him,
But no one even tries

One man lends a hand
Stands against the tide
With his head held high he stand beside
The fallen prince of light

The pain subsides
Eyes now are clear
He stands to face the demons's Wrath
Never showing fear

The prince stands tall
Standing side by side
Next to those who were willing
To stand against the tide

The demons of dark
They all turn in fright
For now they know they can never defeat
The princes realm of light.


If I was there then
I'd be with you know
I want to hold you again
But I just don't know how

Now all of these tears
That run from my eyes
Bring out the fears
That burn in my mind

The flames burn my heart
The sky turn to red
The world comes apart
I fall from the edge

I see only rain
In this world so dark
You went out it flames
Before you could start

I remember my friends
Now that are gone
two lives reach an end
Neath a red shattered sun


The lights have gone out
The party is dead
If you hear a scream
You can't turn your head

A bright flash of light
A deafening crash
The haunting sight
Of bloodstained glass

The night comes on slow
It comes without sound
There's nowhere to go
I crash to the ground

I fall to the floor
I know all too well
They have opened the door
To the gates of hell

Oh what have they done
It was over too soon
I look for the sun
Yet see only the moon