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Voice from the Darkness
13 July 2003
First up I have to apologize to my friends and family for the event of last night.  I was at my absolute lowest and some things happened that didn't help the issue any.  I'm taking some time off from everything and hope to be back in the NFW rings sometime next month.  

12 July 2003
I guess the war is over.  BPW no showed the first round of the battle.  Bull and Wolverine are on the side of NFW.  I guess that makes Malices' little battle a moot point

05 July 2003
Oh the war is coming BPW, The war is coming.  You want to mess with the best.  Bring it on.  I'll stand you up and knock you down just like all the others.

09 June 2003
Finally able to put my thoughts into words after shocking everyone with my return and Title win.  Pain and Agony have unleashed the beast they will never be able to control.  The Darkness is closing in Rayge, can you feel the shadows consume you ?

27 April 2003
Internal pain is driving me to a new level of brutality and mayhem.  Not sure how far this will go.  I'mm seeing the old visions in my head again, Have been watching the Crow alot again as well.  What could we see next? Hmmmmm?
24 February 2003
I've taken a new exceptionll brutal style to the ring. considering my mood in recent weeks, its fits me quite well.  Also recieved word that someone from my wrestling past MAY be returning to ringside.  I'll keep everyone posted.

12 Febraury 2003
Sorry bout the lack of updates everyone.  I've been sidelined with some pretty serious personnel issues lately.  I'm still active in the ring and am starting to update my site again.  I'm planning a massive update soon.  Stay tuned..

20 November 2002
Saw some preliminary voting results for the Uppermidwest and was happy to see the NFW is doing really well.  Be sure to go vote for your favorite NFW stars.

29 October 2002
Lots of things running through my mind in the last few days.  Some Good, Some bad.
GOOD:  Me and Red finally won tag team gold after a long time as partners. Got to be on TV as well.  Jim Neidhart did an NFW Show and liked the league.  I got to wrestle in the very arean I first saw Pro wrestling in (AWA) on the same card with a member of the Hart Foundation.  I could retire now and be happy.
BAD: Woked my butt off to make the fundraiser go and not squat there for crowd ( a  little over 100 ).  This negative crap on the net.  Some bad news from doctors about nonwrestling stuff.  Some severe personnal matters I have to deal with.  Darkchild may drop from the spotlight for a while now to deal with a few issues.

04 Septmber 2002
Don't feel much like writing this week on wrestling.  There's too much other stuff to worry about. Ladysmith WI, is in need of volunteers to help with the cleanup after the severe tornado that destroyed the town, Sept 2nd. See you there.

09 August 2002
It's back where it belongs.  After a three month absense, the US Heavyweight Title is back firmly around my waist.  I intend for it to stay there for quite some time. It was double satisfaction in that I beat both Amerikid and Chaz Kildare to get the Title back.  I know me and Amerikid have been working together recently but still he is the one that beat me three months ago. And Chaz, well that was just satisfing knowing he fell victim to the Celtic Knot and tapped out.

16 July 2002
Was unsuccessful in winning the Hardcore Tourny.  I lost to Peter B in the Finals.  Although I had him locked inthe Celtic Knot, Chaz Kildare (turncoat extrodinair) smacked me over the head and back with a light tube.  He then help Peter B Spike Piledrive me intot he glass.  This ain't over folks.  Not by a long shot.

08 July 2002
Won't be making regular updates for a while.  My son Allan was severely injured in an accident this weekend.  He has third degree burns on his legs and I will be taking time to take him to the doctor for the next few weeks/months.

07 July 2002
Well, well kiddies, look what we have here.  Chaz, Pete, Steve, J-real all want a piece of the Dark one.  Well tell you what, J-Real or Steve, I'll see you in the semi's.  Pete and Chaz, i don't care which one of you I see in the finals, I'll destroy either one of you and not loose a minutes sleep.

16 June 2002
Oh you don't realize what you've done Chaz.  I do not take stabs in the back well.  You want to know what I do to turncoats ask Amerikid or better yet ask Mike the Machine.  I am the angel of death and I am hunting for your soul.  Be afraid Chaz, be very afraid.

03 June 2002
Back and better than ever.  Spent most of the night announcing.  Master Quinn gave Don Roux his half of the NFW.  Don Roux was all happy until he found out I owned the other half.   This resulted in a Don Roux spaz fit.  He sent Sonny Beach after me and I tore into the ring like days of old defeating Sonny Beach.  Don tried to screw over Red and Adrian later on in the night .  Serrano ran in but was outnumbered.  The Black Hand then came to the rescue and the brawl was on.  My fellow balcony diver (Chaz) and I climbed up on the announcers booth and both dove out, falling 20 feet before landing on Roux's Crew.  It's become a Wrestlefest Tradition.  Serrano and I will be at ringside to prevent interference in the next Red/Lynch matchup.

01 June 2002
Spent several days going to chiropractors and Actupuncturists.  Decided that I will continue to wrestle. Expect to see me tonight

30 May 2002
Thought I add a few thoughts of my own for these pages.  I'm still not sure on my status for full time return to action.  I tried to get in the ring at Scarlet Fever and am really regretting that decision.  Also I have numerous test set up in Minneapolis right now concerning a possible serious health problem.  I'll keep everyone posted.